Mirrors For Reassurance

Gender Equality breakup
Fight mirrors
Evil organize in the spirit of
You stink of blood
You stink of unkept truth
Convection will always
beat you down
Pinned by Joules through this poetry
Then you
just bleed out their
You infect the blameless
You ingest war and pain
You are just thrown in a loop
Along an alley of unending
A choking cloud of smog
Hampering visibility of logic
Nuclear arms standing caress
waist Deep in cold smoke
Demonizing inactivity
Romanticizing the wild
A subtle torture
Restless Insomnia
Opt-out scenarios
Of gender equality
That Sex this war on
This War sweats for lies
The Symptom of a Vacuum Collapse

By A.T


Blotchy Eye

Unveil your eyes
Until blotches of black appear
And your eyes lose the glow
Alive with scars
Just as the pen’s nib
That scatters blood-tears
Blotches my words
Cripples my verse
Fills my poem with
The sound of melancholy
Becomes a cadaver of
Love rest in peace
Shall you depend on sight then?

Loop the Loop

Leaving home
The time when you come to the end
Of your rope
Venturing out by your feet
Venturing in loving heart that
Will hang on a tie knot
Leaving roads
Caught in a loop
Where our body is drawn to the
Same point home
The Centripetal Force
Memories never knock
Until you build a door
Filling the gaps of your fingers
With the one you love..
Life is the thief of time
Spreading its wings
Guarding our treasurer
The one we love
Distance whispering damn
As it means little when the one you love
Means so much

Fatherland Man

Blind are the roads that
Serve transportation
Unaware what it binds
Where the heart beats
To his country
If the question is glitter
Then the answer is man
But if the question is glimmer
Then the answer is dead man
Mind is blind for the land
To plant the seed
To lend a soul
To dress the future
Jealous is the grave
Of the affection the earth first found
Smoke covering the land
Bullying the enemy
Out of the fatherland

Eye Status

What words they hold

Feeding your focus

With her

Creates orphic hymn that goes all around

Landscapes covered

With scorched wings

Igniting thirst

Out of this storm

For Raindrops landing on your lips

Perfuming the soil

Where our roots lie

The art of the unspoken

Sharpened by your presence

Covering landscapes with paved roads

Culturing true love

What words they hold

Starving your focus

Colors grow out of darkness

The dawn breaking the night

Echo of Amber around

Making starless the night

Breezing wind that pours on my face

Whispering into my soul

Remembering the days

The moments

Telling the heart to beat

Prevailing true love

Even in her


Giving your mind the sight

Of her presence

By A.T

The Rebel Circus

Circus of reward center
Where chains are built
Where palisades are built
Until we realize
We are lost in
A Maze
Lost between the start and the end
Twisted labyrinth
Making numb the brain
Leave you thinking
Up is down and right is wrong
Feed your focus
Starve your distractions
Like a glass with sharp ends
And yet lethal if it cuts
Leaving your precious pearls
Unwanted to anyone
As you glitter with your sharp ends
Where is the start and where is the end
Crumpled paper thrown away
Until deliberation of the pen
Leads you from the start to the end
Breaking the build dikes
To open the flood gates of freedom
And reach the port
Where anchor is dropped
In the rocks of our Redeemer
The Pen scapegoat